Building Management

Building Management

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We can offer a comprehensive Building & Facilities Management proposal for your property.Our services would be tailored to suit your building and could include:

Supervise all staff

Supervise trades & service personnel

Review all contracts on a yearly basis to ensure they meet the buildings requirements

Monthly Building Inspections with a report issued listing any problems or issues noticed

Instigate a process to rectify all above issues

Put in place procedures to enforce all By-Laws

Inspect building for any defective workmanship and send correspondence to builder as to the nature of the defect.

Set up library comprising all drawings and specifications relating to the building, read all specifications to ensure builder has complied with specifications.

Write an operational manual for the complex, showing were all emergency isolation valves are for all services.

Advise the Owners Corporation of possible ways to get the builder to comply with their obligations if not already forthcoming.

Negotiate all building maintenance contracts and provide suggestions and quotes to the Executive Committee.

Ensure all statutory requirements for lift registration , OH&S and 15A certification are completed and lodged with the appropriate authorities

Set up a Sinking Fund maintenance schedule

Prepare annual operating and maintenance budgets

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