Following are the core areas of knowledge that each new team member will be expected to gain competency:

•  Understand the structure of the Owners Committee and the building management team and the line of reporting that is required..

•  Orientation of the building this will include; manual operation of doors and lifts in case of fire, responding to fire and building alarms, evacuation procedures, location of fire control panel, hoses & extinguishers, CCTV security monitors, store rooms, mail room, garbage and recycling, loading bays, car park, staff room, location of first aid kit, recreational facilities, cleaners store room, plant rooms and telephone & intercom system.

•  Orientation of the procedures and policies for the building this may include; Access policy, attendance at front desk, dry-cleaning, incident reports, common property maintenance reports, documenting any complaints, use of trolley, filling in the concierge log books, procedure for handling noise complaints, signing out of keys, swipe card or other security devices, procedure for the booking of lifts, maintaining resident confidentiality and privacy,  procedure for the delivery of messages, couriers, and deliveries.

•  In conjunction with the orientation of the building, each team member will be encouraged to become familiar with the district and local services in which the building is located.

•  Concierge staff are trained in the use of defibrillators where such devices are provided by the building.